What time zone will the sessions be presented in?
All sessions will be presented in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT). 

What browser should I use to watch the Virtual Conference?
To ensure the best viewing experience, make sure you have the latest versions Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, or Safari

Click to here run the Pre-Live ZOOM Test
Please also make sure that you've upgraded to the latest version of Zoom by visiting zoom.us/download

What can I do to ensure an optimal viewing experience?
Disable your pop-up blocker. If you’re having bandwidth issues, use a hardwired Internet connection if possible. Ensure your computer or speaker audio is activated. 

What if I have other technical issues? 
You can contact technical support by emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Please include the browser and version you are using in the email message.  

How do I log in?
Log in on your account page using the email address you used to register, and the access code you received in your confirmation email with the subject line “Your Log-in Information”. If you aren’t yet registered, you can purchase a ticket here. 

How do I watch a session?
From the Program page, click on the title of the session you are interested in viewing.   Next, simply add it to your agenda  (if it is not already there) by clicking on the  "Register and Add to my Agenda" button.  You will then be able to join or watch by clicking the green join presentation button.  (Note: You must be logged in to do the above steps.)

What if I am not seeing the green join presentation button?
First, make sure you added the session to your agenda as per the above. if you have added the session to your agenda, and are still not seeing the green join presentation button, your browser might be cached on your device. You may need to clear your browser's cache on the join page. To do so:

On Windows: ctrl + F5
On a Mac/Apple: Apple + R or command + R
On Linux: F5

When will presentations be available after the conference for download?
We’ll be able to have slides and presentations available by Tuesday, June 16th.

How to Access Videos & Slides Post-Event
All videos and slides will be updated to the SMSsummit event website here. This site will grant you access to all content from BOTH conferences (Social Media Strategies Summit & Influencer Marketing Strategies Summit.) Our team is working on gathering all content from speakers and will have everything available uploaded by June 16th.  

To access, visit "My Account" and enter the credentials from the welcome letter. You must be logged in to see it. 

How can I interact with other event attendees and speakers?
There are a few ways you can interact with others attending the conference: While live sessions are running, you can chat with other attendees and submit questions for speakers inside the Zoom room. Sessions will be followed live Q&A with speakers. You can also access our “Discussions” [link to Discussions page] area of the event page where you can participate in discussion boards with other attendees. 

What do I do if I have questions for the speaker?
Use the Q&A box in the Zoom session room! Speakers will be taking questions live after each session.

I have other questions!
You can contact Andrea, our GSMI customer service representative, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (619) 597-7236.

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